Nuria is a ballet, contemporary and urban professional dancer. She also had a degree of Sports Science and Physical Activity. 

She is a versatile professional dancer. Her ballet background is certificated by Royal Academy of Dance, she got Advanced 1. 

As a contemporary dancer, she studied at different dance schools in Lleida, Barcelona (Spain), as well as Amsterdam (Holland). She has also done many intensive trainings like Figueres es mou (2018) where she learned techniques such as Fighting Monkey, Gaga, Flying Flow and others. 

Furthermore, she was part of a multidisciplinary dance group called Movementics (2015-19) where she performed hip hop, break dance, popping, commercial and contemporary dance. At the same time, she was also performing with a Duo called Akrua. A duet of contemporary, hip hop and couple work. Her urban dance training continued to deepen at Amsterdam Dance Centre in Holland. 

Afterwards, she did a professional dance program called Art Factory International in Bologna (Italy). 

She worked in Greece with Connecting Arts from Austria. Right now, she is working in her dance company La casa oscura with Sabino Barbieri. She is also collaborating with Artemis Dance Company from Parma (Italy). 

Otherwise, Nuria is a graduated in Physical Activity and Sports Science at the National Institute of Physical Activity in Catalunya. She has experienced working as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. At the moment, she is researching physical preparation for dancers in order to increase performance and prevent possible future injuries.