This dance gallery shows Nuria's versatile profile as a dancer. 

Her speciality is contemporary dance. However, her background is also builded by ballet, jazz and urban dance (break dance, hip hop, popping, commercial...). 

Photography and Edition: Albert Font Escribà


AKMÉ - La Casa Oscura

Contemporary dance piece, 2022. 

Description: Akmé is a contemporary piece performed by two dancers who expose sensations by pushing the boundaries. They use their bodies to create images open to the viewer's interpretation. A challenging choreography that transports you in the world of relationships, be it the one you share with a person, or the one you have with yourself.

Dancers & Choreographe: Nuria Argiles Macia & Sabino Barbieri

Production and Edition: Albert Font Escribà

Music and Composition: Leonardo Carletti

Place: Castell del Remei (Spain)

Dancers: Jessica Gonzalez, Nuria Argiles, Rosa Blake and Sabino Barbieri

Camara: Jessica Gonzalez

Production and Edition: Ayayay Films

Music: November by Mari Samuelsen, Konzerthausorchester Berlin & Jonathan Stockhammer

Place: Bologna (Italy)


Dance film, 2020.

Description: Allora, ci siamo is a video dance recorded in Bologna city. It is done by four performers during Covid time (winter 2020). This dance work wants to invite people to feel the relationship between this dancers. This bond was created during a professional dance program called Art Factory International. They realized that Covid time brings them to go further in their dance carreers and their personal devolpement. Be resilient and trust in live, that were their thoughts.


Performers: Pepote Cavaller and Nuria Argiles

Production and Edition: Mill.es Production

Music: Cinematic Spring by Cinematic Music

Place: University of Sports, Lleida (Spain)


Short dance film, 2018. 

Description: This short dance film was created by Akrua's duet. They decided to explain through a little story the roots of their dance project. It was about two dancers with different dance bacgrounds. They met at university when they were doing a Sports Science degree. That was the beggining of a parner work which developed the fusion of contemporary and hip hop dance style .